Sunday, August 06, 1995

Cleckheaton Tempo Pure New Wool SOLD

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I have 12 balls of this yarn. It is in the same condition as when I bought it. I never got around to knitting a sweater out of it. It is a thick yarn, which I think will be too warm for me. Recommended gauge is 14.5st/inch.

I will part with the whole lot of it for AU$24 +postage. If you want to buy fewer than 12 balls, I will sell this in lots of 4 balls for AU$10 per lot.


Blogger Karen said...

Hi Celia, I shouldn't be, but I'm VERY interested!! It will go well with the rest of my stash of assorted Tempo, none of which is enough for a jumper for me on its own! And it isn;t too warm for a Melbourne jumper, LOL. Unless my eyes deceive me, they're 50g balls - will they cram into a 3kg satchel? I don't want to leave my e-addie in 'comments' - contact me via justdoitknits, and I'll contact you off-list. Cheers & thanks, Karen in Melbourne

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