Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sock Yarns for Sale

I have some sock yarn for sale. I don't have pictures yet. I will take a picture on the weekend if I can find some time.

2x 50g DGB Confetti color 224. Yellow, orange, pink, blue, white(the pink and white form the 'fairisle' type pattern and the other colours stripe) $15 (for both)

1x100g Regia colour 5450 (View here)
2x100g Regia colour 5451 (stripes of blues and greys- darker than 5450)
2x100g Regia colour 5454 (brownish earth tones stripes)
2x100g Regia colour 5455 (View here)
1x100g Regia colour 5457 (short colour bits - circus short on here ) swapped
1x100g Regia colour 5470 (jubilee london - View here)
1x100g Regia colour 5486 (blue-y grey stripes with black and white fair isle pattern)
1x100g Regia colour 5463 (jubilee antigua on here)
1x100g Regia colour 5476 (brasil rio on here)
$16 each

1x100g Regia colour 5413 (cotton blend) (yellow, green, orange stripes - not very dark/bright)
$19 each


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