Monday, August 15, 2005

De-stashing Commercial Yarn

I am currently clearing out my yarn closet. I have way too much yarn, and I thought I'd get rid of some of the yarn that I am not likely to use. There isn't anything wrong with the yarn, but some of it is just not 'my kind of colour' these days - you know how you go through colour phases, well, I do anyway. Some others are leftovers from projects, and yet others are just yarn bought for projects I doubt I will get round to making.

Ever since learning to spin, I am spending more time spinning than knitting, and I doubt I will ever finish using the yarn I have accumulated. So, I decided to trim down my stash.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of this yarn. the prices are negotiable, within reason, so make me an offer. I just want to clear some room in my yarn closet without losing too much money. All the yarn is being sold below retail price.

All prices are in Australian dollars. Postage within Australia is
$4.50 for up to 450g
$8.50 for up to 3kg (if it fits into a post satchel), otherwise it would depend on what Australia post charges me for packaging and postage. It's usually not much more than that.

For postage to the US and the UK, it is
$8.50 for up to 200g
$13 for up to 400g (if you buy 450g, I'll see whether I can get that extra 50g in)
$18.50 for up to 650g

For postage to Singapore and Malaysia, it is
$7 for up to 200g
$11 for up to 400g (if you buy 450g, I'll see whether I can get that extra 50g in)
$15.50 for up to 650g

For postage to all other countries, please email me.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

11 balls crochet/knitting cotton SOLD

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I have 11 balls of this knitting crochet cotton. It says 4ply (which should be like fingering/sock weight) but it seems a little thinner than that. I have used it for knitting and crocheting pot holders and it worked out really nicely. You can see them here.

I'll sell the lot for $20 or $2 per ball.

450g blue/black/white pure wool being knitted

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I have here 9 50g balls of 8ply (DK) pure wool yarn. Some of the balls have lost their labels. It has been plied from separate strands of blue, black and white. When knitted up, the effect is a 'fleck-y' sort of fabric showing all three colours.

I am asking for $20 + postage for the lot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

80g Sherbert Garden Handspun

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I dyed this merino top myself and then spun it up.

It's about worsted weight and there's about 75m or more here.

I am selling this on Etsy. However, if you want to trade, email me.

Clan 12ply - 2 colours SOLD

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I have 3 labeled + 3 unlabeled 50g balls in mustard and 4 labeled 50g balls + 1 100g rewound ball of blue.

The labels say 'handwash only', so I believe this will probably felt quite well.

I will sell the lot for $12 + postage or $8 for the mustard and $7 for the blue.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Regal Pink and Red 4ply cotton

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I have two balls of each colour. You can buy the two pink balls or the two red ones for $5 or you can buy the lot for $9.

Regal Yellow 4ply cotton

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This yarn can be knitted by itself or double stranded to get 8ply thickness. I have here 4 balls of it. I am selling the lot for $10 + postage

600g blue wool blend

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I have 6 of these 100g balls of wool blend yarn. It's an 8ply (DK) yarn. I bought it with the intention of knitting a sweater, but somehow that never quite happened. I bought it without labels so I will not be able to tell you what exactly the blend is.

I am selling this for $15 for the lot or $3 per ball.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Villawool melody

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I have six 40g balls of this yarn. The yarn content is 69% acrylic, 13% mohair, 13% wool and 5% nylon. Recommended gauge is 14st per 10cm. It's a soft lofty yarn with a beautiful hand.

I am partng with this lot for $15 + postage. I also have an additional 3 balls of this in white and it can be yours for AU$8 + postage.

Cleckheaton Candy

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I have 5 balls of this yarn for sale, 4 with labels and one without. It is a soft white boucle-style yarn. It contains 28%wool, 42%acrylic and 30%nylon.

I am selling the lot for $9 + postage

Cheery Red Totem

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There are 5 balls of Patons Totem 8ply (DK) here. Each ball weighs 50g. It is a machinewashable pure wool crepe-style yarn. This yarn is NOT suitable for felting projects.

I will part with the lot for AU$15 + postage. It normally retails for about AU$5 or AU$6 a ball.

Dusty Pink Acrylic

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I have here 3 skeins of sport weight (5 ply) pink acrylic yarn. Each ball weighs 100g.

You can have the lot for AU$6 + postage.

Charm mohair blend

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I guess the labels say it all.

It's a lovely soft yarn. I bought it thinking I would knit myself a red/white mohair scarf. I never got around to doing it and I am no longer going through my 'red' phase.

I have three balls of each colour. Each ball weighs 50g.

You can buy 3 balls of the red yarn or three balls of the white yarn for AU$8 + postage or AU$15 + postage for the lot.